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Automated Cell Counter
Save your eyes and brain from dizzy cell counting!
Automate Cell Counting in 7 Seconds - Free Onsite Demo

Still using hemocytometer to count cells?

LUNATM Automated Cell Counter

  • Fast: Count mammalian, primary and yeast cells in 7 seconds
  • Accurate: Result comparable to hemocytometer
  • Convenient: User friendly touch screen interface
  • Affordable: Low cost per count


How about 7 seconds to automate your cell counting process?

Test it yourseif,see it in action:

  • Just send us your contact information
  • We will set up a Free Onsite Demo for you
  • Two cell counters in one: Bright field + Dual fluorescence
  • Example of cell types: HEK293, CHO, PBMC, Splenocytes, Thymocyte, Yeast and More



Touch screen and on-board monitoring


Reliable data for the most challenging cells

Free onsite demo available. Contact:

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